A sad moment for Bella

Let me set the stage.  It is after dark, therefore quite late and past the time any respectable parent should let their 4 year old play with fire sticks.  Arabella is happily twirling her sparkler, anxious to see the next picture on my camera of her glittery circles.

070209_4th of July_1291

She reluctantly shares the spotlight with her cousin Ned.

070209_4th of July_1294

I get a photo of Ned alone.

070209_4th of July_1293

Arabella pitches a fit about losing my full attention for even a moment, throws her still sparkling pyrotechnic on the ground, and starts to wail hysterically.

070209_4th of July_1296

She runs to Daddy for support and sympathy.  He makes it all better.

070209_4th of July_1297  070209_4th of July_1298

Shortly after, we leave and Arabella falls fast asleep.

~ by JenEvangelista on July 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “A sad moment for Bella”

  1. Aren’t fireworks illegal in Columbus?

    • Thanks for your concern for our legal wellbeing, Todd, but we were well within the confines of the law :). You just cannot shoot off the “fly through the air and explode, setting trees and small children on fire” kind here – have to go 3 miles up the road to Alabama for that.

  2. Awww she so cute! I miss seeing Bella! Your family is so precious! That little Abrahama is a doll!!

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