My big boys are on the road again

Although, I’m not exactly sure where they are, I’m confident they are having a blast.  Joseph and Jacob took off Thursday morning with their G-Pop and Nena in an R.V. (thank you June & Glen) headed for the Roberts Family Reunion somewhere in Texas.  The ride was an adventure and although I haven’t received a full report, it looks like the campsite was a wonderful place for kids to explore.  Here’s what I know they’ve been up to so far (isn’t technology great?)…

Playing at an old-fashioned playground at an RV Park where they spent their 1st night.  Seeing the mobile image of this merry-go-round actually brought back a flood of memories about my own childhood and summer days spent at the “Community Center”.  More on that later.

merry go round @ Camp site,Mobile copy

The park was in…

Welcome to Louisana,Mobile copy

On the road activities apparently have included games and food.

Monopoly copy

As a side note, I’m totally impressed that they are playing a game that does not plug in.  YEAH!!

pizza on the road,Mobile copy

And while at the campgrounds, it seems there were a lot of lakeside and middle of the lake adventures. 

Joe fishing,Mobile copy

nena and boys,Mobile copy

I am definitely looking forward to hearing more upon their return tomorrow night!

~ by JenEvangelista on July 19, 2009.

One Response to “My big boys are on the road again”

  1. Sonic food, an RV park, Monopoly, and a canoe….what a trip!!

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