Things I learned from my Bathroom

There are a couple of things that became very clear to me as I was cleaning my bathroom last week.  These do not include the obvious facts that the bathrooms in my house are sorely neglected & it a chore that I put off as long as I can I can in good conscience delay.

1.  I don’t mind nearly as much as I should that all six humans in our home use the Master bathroom – all the time, for everything.  Mainly because that means that it is the only bathroom that gets overly disgusting.

2.  I really hate hair when it is not on my head (and sometimes even then).

3. I sadly have been known to discourage teeth brushing among my children due to the inevitable dried toothpaste that ends up on absolutely everything.  I mean, really, how does that happen?

4.  I am dreadfully under stocked in cleaning supplies – shocker.

5.  I really must do something about a favorite pet in the house.  I have a bag of new bath mats in a corner because I know that they will become the new litter box if they are put out.  UGGG!

6.  I wish there was a door on this well trafficked room for more reasons that one.

7.  It feels good to have a clean bathroom… even if it only lasts 6 hours.



~ by JenEvangelista on August 9, 2009.

One Response to “Things I learned from my Bathroom”

  1. Too funny! Hate cleaning the bathroom too but love to have a cleaned bathroom! What a problem!

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