Just Another Day Off


And this is why I my blogging time is limited …

  • 6:15 Up and at ’em
  • 8:00 Take kids to school
  • 8:20 Target run with Abraham
  • 9:30 Clean out toy closets with Abraham’s help & spend a few minutes trying to identify the funky smell coming from the boy’s room
  • 10:30 Put Abe down for nap, then continue the process of toy purging – much more efficiently
  • 11:00 Brad takes time out of his busy day to come home to watch napping Abe so sweet boy can sleep instead of experimenting with random dental equipment
  • 11:20 Pick up Arabella early from Preschool… painful
  • 11:40 Dentist appointment for me & Bella – No Sugar Bugs, Yea!
  • 12:45 Eat lunch, do some laundry and clean the kitchen (sort of)
  • 2:00 Take Abe to Mom who generously agreed to watch him for the meeting we have at school, again attempting to prevent destruction of property
  • 2:30 Back to Target for the gift I forgot on my earlier visit & Halloween costume, after stopping in monogram store to order adorable baby gifts (where Arabella picked out her next “wish I had”)
  • 3:15 Teacher conference at Calvary
  • 4:15 Dance class for Bella
  • 5:30 13th Birthday Party for sweet cousin
  • 7:30 Home
  • 7:35 Clean out kids bookshelves while the kids entertain themselves with the TV
  • 8:30 Put Abe to bed and try really hard, with limited success, to get other kids ready for bed
  • 9:00 Give up and clean out my dresser, filling a “give away” trash bag with clothes I’ve resigned I’ll never again wear
  • 9:50 Sit down in front of Fox News to watch the O’Reilly Factor paused from the hour before
  • 10:05 Get frustrated as my boys scurry through the house getting water, etc.. when they are supposed to be asleep
  • 10:15 Write this post & check my e-mail
  • 10:40 Rotate laundry once more, then head to brush my teeth & wash my face (my nightly “beauty ritual” – ha)
  • 10:43 Move Arabella from my bed where she finally crashed, then climb into the spot she warmed
  • 10:55 Pray that sleep comes quickly

And interestingly, this schedule seems less frantic than the other days of the week that I spend at my office.  Weird, huh?

I love my life.  Seriously.



~ by JenEvangelista on October 14, 2009.

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