I realize you were hooked when you saw this catchy title, but I’m tired so that’s as good as it gets tonight.  We’ve never made a big deal out of Halloween, but it is fun for the kids to dress up and score some serious candy.   This year was no different.  Nothing exciting, but there are a few stories to tell.  I’ll try to make it quick.

Arabella was actually the most prepared  as we picked out her costume a couple of weeks ago. She was a Barbie Musketeer, the latest Mattell marketing masterpiece.   Corrine to be exact, and although she looked very similar to every other princess on the streets, she was indeed a girl-power lovin’, prince savin’ fighting machine.  Except of course for the fact that she wore her cape around her head most of the time because it was “itching her neck” :).

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3144 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3200

On the morning of October 31st, Mother of the Year (that’s me) headed out to Party City to pick over what was left in attempts to outfit the big boys.  I am proud to say that we walked out of there without a pre-made, expensive yet cheap costume, and instead went home inspired.  Joseph decided to be a Greaser.  He had never actually heard of The Fonz, but picked up the part quickly.  I was glad he chose to dress up at all since last year he was too cool for it all.  He had a good time playing it up.

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3191 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3164

Jacob chose to be an Explorer.  The costume idea quickly grew into a full fledged theme.  He was transformed into “Raiders of the Lost Pig”, toting around his Silver Piggy Bank and posing for multiple photos.  I knew that old leather jacket of mine from college would come back to life one day.

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3132 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3140

And let’s not forget Abraham.  He had an adorable Lion Costume from Old Navy …


Of course, we all remember that he just turned TWO and he absolutely refused to put it on.  There was screaming and gnashing of teeth each time I came close to him with it. He claimed in fact that it was too “scary”.  Really?  He was killing me.  Well I couldn’t take him Trick or Treating with no costume at all so once again my PackRat nature kicked in and I dug up this beauty.  A dragon (or to Abe, a Dinosaur) that Joseph had actually worn when he was 14 months old.  Needless to say, it was too small.  He wanted to wear it, though, so we rolled with it.  I didn’t even bother with the pants. He wouldn’t keep the hood on (shocker) and wouldn’t slow down long enough for a picture, but you can get the idea.  The good news… he’s a cutie anyway!

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3203 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3221

Mom even got in the act this year and dressed up.  Sort of.  The kids thought I was cool and that is really all I was going for.  By the way, I’m not showing you my tail :).

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3178

We ventured out to meet Nena & Gpop, Aunt June, Jill, and Julie, Raines and Davis at Monni-Moo’s house, as is our annual tradition.  The kids ran around the front yard, we snagged as many photos as we could, then they each received  sugar laden goodie bags from Monni-Moo.  Awesome.

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3225 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3227 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3230

We Trick or Treated at a few of MM’s neighbors houses and I discovered that Abe picked the suckers every time.  He actually opened about 20 over the course of the night, but fortunately the act of unwrapping the jewel was more fun for him than eating it.

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3228 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3240

We made it back to Monni-Moo’s in time to eat a late dinner and catch the last part of the Florida-Georgia game.  Go Gators!

Tebow tampa_florida_gators_7eqc

OK, so I couldn’t resist.  Sorry.  At least I made these photos smaller ;).

Back to the story…

Later in the evening when I realized Arabella was not Trick or Treated out, we set off again with Abraham in tow.  This time we were in the rain but we made it all the way around the block, hitting the 5-6 houses with porch lights on.  It was very exciting for them and a sweet memory for me.

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3241

Overall, this Halloween was a success.

103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3168 103109_Halloween 09 Pics_3187

And just in case you were wondering, our trash bag of chocolate is still 1/2 full.  Yikes!

~ by JenEvangelista on November 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Great blog post (even if you were tired!). All the pictures show the different personalities. Halloween is so magical when you are little and you captured it. Precious, sweet kids.

  2. Great costumes, and good job with fining Abe’s “Dinosaur” costume! So where is Brad during all this?? No costume?

  3. We greet to all of you in Jesus .

    We thank God for your prayerful, faithful and fruitful work you are doing for the Kingdom of God.

    We are praying for all of you.Please pray for the Lord’s work in India.
    Blessings in Christ,
    Madhava, Nirmala & Rajesh,

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