I’m a little embarrassed to know it’s DSD

For those of you not in the loop, today is Digital Scrapbooking Day.  I know you are mortified that you forgot, and you will be contacting iCal and Google right away because it is not pre-filled on your calendars.  For me, the fact that I’m even aware of this day denotes a serious shift in my creative life.  It also speaks volumes about me that I’m actually disappointed because I will not be able to celebrate it online with chats, crops, challenges and freebies due to “life”.  What is wrong with me?


Here’s the scoop.  I recently had to pack up my fun craft room in our basement in attempts to get the house ready to sell.  Granted, I very, very rarely had time to go down the stairs and enjoy this paradise so it’s departure really didn’t affect my overall life significantly.  However, it did force my transition to digital scrapbooking – an idea I’d been tinkering with for a while.

I realize that scrapbooking in general seems silly to some, but there are multiple industries dedicated to it so it can’t be that weird that I enjoy it, right? (somebody give me some love on this).  For me, it’s a creative outlet that allows me to marry my love for telling stories with my love for photographic documentation.  I don’t do it much because I tend to spend so much time actually living life that I don’t have much opportunity to chronicle it.  When I do get to play with my PSE and scour the internet looking for free deals, I really have a good time.

Now I’ve admitted it.  Judge me accordingly.  And in honor of DSD, here are a couple of my creations…

Live Laugh Love_web





~ by JenEvangelista on November 7, 2009.

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