How to make your children disappear

Growing up, I would never of thought to plop down on my parents bed and flip on the Tube, especially while snacking on my PopTart (Cherry was my personal favorite).  This had become a common practice in my house, however, with the end result being Captain Crunch in the sheets and red juice on the carpet.  Despite our weak effort, Brad and I could not curb this behavior, exposing a chink in our parenting armor.

102409_Stuff on our bed_2887

Recently, we decided to remove the TV out of our bedroom.  The room is now more peaceful, less cluttered and the rare child that enters can be found reading a book instead of chomping on Cheetos.  He will still destroy the covers on the bed, but that is a price I can live with.

102909_Boys and books_3094


~ by JenEvangelista on November 16, 2009.

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