I’m officially a geek

I received a package in the mail today – an early Christmas present if you will.  It was red and shiny and made my heart skip a beat.  I was a little too excited to hold in my hands a brand new…

640 GB Toshiba External Hard Drive!

Now , this was actually a necessary item since my MacBook laptop hard drive is maxed out.  And I followed my usual shopping technique of looking everywhere possible before actually making the purchase to assure I got a good deal.  Few things make me more upset than finding an item $20 cheaper the week after I purchase it.

I will admit that although this habit has been going on since I was old enough to shop, it has gotten a little more complex in the age of the e-commerce.

I will also admit, however, that I’m usually quite confident I get a good price.

OK, I’m off to play with my new toy and back up some files, making room for more.   And for anyone ready to tell me that one EHD is not safe enough back up, don’t worry I have another EHD specifically for my Time Machine, and I back up online, too.  Just wanted my files in my hot little hands as well.

Call me a geek, I’m OK with it.

~ by JenEvangelista on December 12, 2009.

8 Responses to “I’m officially a geek”

  1. This is all very nice, but do you know how to text yet??

  2. Mom, does she know how to text? That’s like asking if El Centro is hot in the summer! She has sweet little pink blackberry, so yes, she knows how to text. The question is mom, do YOU know how to text???

  3. The answer is, Brad, no, I don’t know how to text, and she knows it. That was the point; she texted me the other day and I had to call her to answer. I provided her with laugh therapy that day.

  4. Yeah, Jennifer told me the backstory earlier. Wow. Was Jennifer’s text the first one you’ve received on your phone? You do know that Dad can text, right? If Dad can do it, surely you can handle it.

  5. Sweet Hard Drive =). I keep three external hard drives: one for music, one for video (anime and tv shows), and one for photos. I have 2 networked hard drive where I keep the onsite back ups of all of those (plus system backups for all of our computers). Whenever we finally move I’m putting in a server room, me thinks. Ooh, I just got goose bumps thinking about it.

    You get bonus geek points if you reacted like this when you opened the package: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlcqWQVVuU

  6. I’m about to buy one! We bought a new computer but I don’t want to load it up like the current one is!

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