My Valentine

Five years ago today Brad and I received the best Valentine ever.  After putting me in bed for 10 weeks, Arabella Faith arrived only 3 weeks ahead of schedule at 11am on February 14th.  She is a joy, our only little princess, and our heart.  She is a breath of femininity in a home with three brothers and although she is the definition of high maintenance, we could not imagine life without her.

Today, we spent some time at Chuckie Cheese after church (for as long as we could take it), then 2 of her adorable, girly friends came over to play.  There was giggling, and princess play, a walk to the playground and crafts.  And all without boys.  Thank you Nena & Gpop.

A perfect birthday for our Valentine!

~ by JenEvangelista on February 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “My Valentine”

  1. Happy Birthday Arabella!!

  2. So cute great pictures. Thanks so much for including Dionne in the fun!! She had a great time. Carolyn

  3. I wrote a comment earlier, but evidently didn’t hit ‘submit’. I love the pics of Arabella with her friends. She looks so radiantly happy. To think that a year ago we were all at Disney World. There is a big difference between age 4 and age 5.

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