Fabulous F

1. Feet, aren’t they cute 🙂 . They belong to Abe, just in case you couldn’t tell.
2. Frogs
3. Frappuccino – a rare treat justified by “F” day
4. Fish living in the Rivertown Waiting room.  Amazing how much time I spend in that office and how few times I’ve been in the waiting room.  Just thinking out loud.
5. Frozen green beans.  I wish I could say they were yummy.
6. Fly.  I always want to remember the days when Abe can fly.
7. Faith
8. Freedom
9. Floral
10. Five Fingers.  I had 4 immediate volunteers for this pose when asked.  I love that.
11. Fairy
12. Frosted Flakes
13. Fun playing Quirkle – a game given by Grandy and enjoyed by all of us.
14. Football
15. Flip Flops
16. Forty.  Scary.
17. Free (from Starbucks today – an expired Pumpkin bread offered randomly – Yay!)
18. Fridge
19. Fighting dinosaurs
20. Fruit.  Frozen blueberries to be exact.  Our favorite.
21. Fire hydrant
22. Food
23. Fan
24. Flame
25. Farm Book – written in the 60s and a favorite of each of our kids.

Photos taken 2/23/10.


~ by JenEvangelista on March 10, 2010.

One Response to “Fabulous F”

  1. I LOVE your letter focus with the kids. The pictures are alternately appropriate, funny, sweet, wonderful. I love them.

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