Joyful J

1. Jammies.  We all love them and wear them as much as is socially acceptable.
2. Jail – As in “Do not collect $200”
3. Joystick in the hands of Jacob
4. Jeans on the backside of Jacob 🙂
5. Jackets actually hanging where they belong instead of their usual position strewn around the room
6. Joseph
7. Jester on the Rivertown Waiting Room wall
8. Jagged.  G-Pop’s saw
9. Juice.  Mexican Mango juice from Martha
10. Jewelry box
11. Journal
12. Jalapenos.  Love ’em in just about anything
13. Jacob
14. Jelly
15. Jenga, Transformer Edition
16. Jars
17. Jell-O
18. Jump
19. Joseph jabbing Jacob – staged, of course, as my little angels would never act this way on their own.
20. Jewelry.  Guess who’s jewelry box this is?
21. Jingle bells that for some reason live on our front door all year.
22. Jerky.  Yuck.
23. Joust (again with the wall)
24. Jiffy corn muffins, the newest starchy fave in our house
25. Jammin’.  And yes, it was loud.  So, so cute!

Photos taken 2/27/10


~ by JenEvangelista on March 17, 2010.

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