It just wouldn’t be a School Festival without…

1.  A Princess.  Well, it was a Renaissance Festival so Princesses were not hard to spot.  I am partial to this one, however.

2.  A pig race.  Yes, pigs.  And intensity ran high among the human racers as well.  Despite the fact that neither Abe or Bella won a coveted stick horse prize, it was still a fun and interesting venture.

3.  Tattoes.  Need I say more…

4.  Friends!  Please note that Jacob did in fact win an equine treasure.  And I found it interesting that when Joseph slowed down long enough for one quick shot, he squatted down to avoid towering a full foot over the head of his friend.   I love the friendship of childhood.

5.  Green hair and a total ham to show it off.

6.  Blow up slides.  Let’s just say I’m so glad my princess wore leggings under her ball gown.

7.  And of course, the obligatory injury.  At the 11th hour, Jacob’s jousting got the best of him.  He emerged from the battlefield with a snazzy little laceration under his left eye.  Fortunately, we know a good Pediatrician who works on Friday nights.  A stop by the office, a little Dermabond and the brave Knight was as good as new.

His only real disappointment is that the result was so excellent that he will most likely NOT have a cool scar.  Sorry, babe.



Overall, it was a success of a night.  I suppose :).


~ by JenEvangelista on March 28, 2010.

One Response to “It just wouldn’t be a School Festival without…”

  1. I feel like I was there! Pictures catch a lot of action….Jacob’s eye looks like it hurts. Ouch.

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