Before and After

A few before and after photos of our new home for those interested (cough, cough… Grandpa & Grandy).

Outside before (taken early March, 2010).

Outside after (taken April 8, 2010).  We can’t take credit for Spring, but it still counts, right?

Living Room before.  I was going to comment on all the things wrong with the room that you cannot see from the picture but I don’t want to offend any of you sporting rusted brass fans and orange walls.

Living room after (then after after)

Dining Room before.  Enough said.

Dining room after.  I love this room now.  Thank you, Brad, for your excellent taste in furniture.  It looks even better in this house.

Kitchen before.  Overall, it was in pretty good shape. I am really pleased with what a little love did for it.

Kitchen after.  Nice, huh?

1/2 Bath before.  Really?

1/2 bath after, complete with my HGTV inspired vanity.  One adult member in the house thinks it’s totally impractical.  The other one adores it and smiles every time she walks by 🙂 .

Arabella’s Room before.  This simply would not do.

Arabella’s room after (and after after)

Boys Rooms.  I don’t actually have a before pic of Joe & Jake’s room, but it looked just like Abe’s.

Abraham’s room after. The only room in the house not painted yet.  Please don’t tell him.

Joe & Jake’s room after.  With Sherman Williams’ Upward blue on the walls, per Jacob’s request.

More to follow (when it gets unpacked 🙂 ) …

~ by JenEvangelista on April 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. Wow! What a transformation! You guys have certainly been busy. It looks great!

  2. Double WOW! The before and after really help us to see just how much work went into making a house into a home. Grandpa is so looking forward to seeing it all in person. I will get there, eventually. All I heard from the kids was about the outside; this gives us a look at the inside. It’s beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

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