Earth Day

I have been trying to figure out why Earth Day annoys me.  I presumed it was because I’ve never really been a touchy feely, tree-huggy, natural everything type of gal.  My mind leans towards science and for the most part I am of the opinion that God allowed us to create things like epidural anesthetics and food preservatives for a perfectly good reason.

I’ve never really been all about the cause.  Any cause.  I’ve never lost sleep over whales or pesticides.  I don’t discredit, dislike or even have distaste for people who care deeply about these things, it is simply that I have other banners to wave.

As Earth Day approached this year, an unsettling in my spirit prompted me to evaluate my emotion toward the celebration more closely.  Perhaps it is because our TV seems to automatically flip itself over to the Disney Channel regardless of which program I try to watch & I am constantly hearing the latest teenage superstar encourage my kids to change a lightbulb, forsake hot showers or give up plastic.    These promptings are not bad and I am completely in support of taking care of our environment, but what is the motivation or underlying reason for these actions?  And are we missing something big?

I certainly believe that we have a God-given responsibility to be faithful in our dominion over the Earth as stated in Genesis 1:26-28.   And I believe that we should do everything in our power to respect and honor the beautiful surroundings in which we live.

I also believe that the Earth is the Lord’s (Psalm 24:1). And it’s fate is not in the hands of mankind.  We are not in control of this planet.  The only one holding the reigns is its Maker.

What would it look like if people were as passionately concerned with the human occupants of this great mass of earth as they are with the rain forests or endangered amphibians?  Is the fate of our planet really the most pressing issue facing mankind?  Or is it the hearts of it’s inhabitants?

The bottom line is that although I refuse to call her my Mother, I am all for keeping our Earth “green” and have even been known to recycle a can or two.

It is crucial, however, that we never focus on the creation so much that our attention is drawn away from the Creator.  Earth Day should give us another reason to lift our eyes, hands and hearts in worship to the God of the Heavens.


~ by JenEvangelista on April 22, 2010.

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