Perfect P

1. Pretty in Pink
2. Pretzel & Pecan treat
3. Pediatric floor
4. Pizza
5. Peeking
6. Pillow, the one Abraham cannot go to bed without
7. Poopy, he can’t stand to smell himself 🙂
8. Paddle
9. Puzzle
10. Paint, from the office (our home is not quite this colorful)
11. Powder.  Abe calls this “Mommy powder”
12. Pinecones
13. Pharmacy
14. Prescription
15. Pajama boy!  Man, does Jacob love hanging out in his PJs.
16. Potatoes
17. Pistol, pretend of course
18. Paprika
19. Picnic table
20. Purple
21. Physician’s Parking
22. Pteranodon
23. Printer Paper
24. Playground Pose
25. Peanut Butter

Photos taken March 5, 2010

~ by JenEvangelista on May 27, 2010.

One Response to “Perfect P”

  1. This has been such a great project for the kids! Some of the examples are so funny.

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