Pool After

1st day in “new” pool!

OK, so there is no pump as of yet, but it is coming soon.  The hole is filled with water and enough salt was dumped in there to keep the yucks at bay until the magic sucker appears.  The bottom line is that the beautiful blue external natatorium was simply too tempting not to be inaugurated.  This shot was taken before the 3 minutes of fun was interrupted by our obligatory summer afternoon thunderstorm.  We did manage to all jump in after the death threatening electricity passed and had a great evening.  I didn’t get many pics of that because I was wet, too 🙂 , but I feel confident I’ll be snapping away at the water antics in no time .

We are blessed beyond measure and this simple extra gift is not taken for granted and is sure to provide years of joy for our family.

~ by JenEvangelista on June 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Pool After”

  1. Yeah!!! It looks awesome – I am so excited for you and your family Jennifer!!!

  2. Looks so refreshing, I would have jumped in as soon as it was filled too. enjoy your new pool 🙂

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