Twelve Years Ago Today

The anticipation of the arrival of a first child.  The excitement.  The anxiety.  The unconditional love for someone who had not even taken his first breath.

The pain of delivery.  The tears of utter joy when I looked at his face for the first time.  The overwhelming emotion in the eyes & voice of a father.  The nausea.  The fatigue.  The contentment.  A beautiful little miracle.  The first feedings.  The concern when they took him away because of hypoxia.  The relief when he transitioned out of it.

The growth of our family.  The irrevocable change.  The expansion of my heart beyond what I thought possible.  The thanksgiving to God for this most spectacular gift.

These memories and more.  All experienced twelve years ago today.

Happy Birthday, Joseph.


~ by JenEvangelista on August 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Twelve Years Ago Today”

  1. We, too, remember the day of his birth, and taking you home from the hospital. What a handsome guy he has grown into! I had a lovely visit with him yesterday; he sounds so mature and excited about running cross country with his friends. And, he was excited about dinner at Fuji…..”my favorite restaurant of all time!”

  2. My birthday is also August 10th, Happy Belated Birthday!

    Angie Alford

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