Brothers and Boo Boos

The older Abraham gets, the more I see Jacob in him. They are both quite dramatic, to say the least. I watch Abe fall violently to the floor after an attack by an invisible laser & am instantly taken back to when Jake was his age. In fact, Jacob still throws himself to the ground just to get a response out of anyone fortunate enough to be in his audience.

They are also both a bit on the rough side, treating other bodies living in the house as they do their own. Sadly, this constant movement sometimes results in injury.

Case in point, Jacob’s laceration inflicted by the hands of a fellow sword fighter this Spring mirrors the one given to Abe by a table following a fall from a very bouncy bed received this summer.

Both were Dermabonded on the kitchen table at the hands of mom. Yay for glue! And both boys carried on with their usual unnecessary roughness shortly after the repair.

Some people call this “All Boy”. I call it the norm.

~ by JenEvangelista on August 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Brothers and Boo Boos”

  1. Anybody who doesn’t see G-Pop in Abe’s mouth (and face) hasn’t taken a good look. I wish there had been Dermabond when Brad and Todd were young.

  2. Awesome pictures of two “all boy” brothers! Hang in there Mom, I think there are many more “boo boos” in store for them.

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