R is Rad, Dude

It’s been a while since I posted my ABC’s.  I just realized I didn’t get all the way through the alphabet on the blog.  Sorry for those of you losing sleep over the incomplete nature of this project :).  Most of the photos for “R Day” were taken on March 7th, 2010.  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read about the endeavor HERE & check out the Project 365 category for the previous letters.

1. Railroad tracks
2. Rhino shirt, one of Jacob’s favorites.
3. Rainbow – Ok, so I cheated, this particular rainbow is made of cloth and hangs in my office.
4. Ring – I’ll be the envy of all of my daughter’s friends
5. Red juice – the liquid substance that Brad and now his 2 youngest children are addicted to.
6. Recipes.  This was the only recipe book I took to the Apartment.  My mom’s recipes, of course.
7. Redhead
8. Remotes
9. Raisins.  If you look closely, you will see that the seal is still unbroken.  Unlike that of the donut bag.
10. Rage, feigned by my favorite actor Jake
11. Ridiculous speed limit.  Really the speed limit in the parking lot of the apartment was 11 1/2 MPH.  Hmmm.
12. Rural Rock – taken on a visit to the new house
13. Reading – and if you see the book you will realize that this, too, was staged.
14. Receipt
15. Rapid strep
16. Razors
17. Rectangle, modeled by Bella.
18. Rice Krispies
19. River.  Yes, I stopped on the side of the road and walked to the middle of the bridge to get this photo.  Commitment.
20. Red boots.  Barbie knows her fashion.
21. Racoon on Jake’s head
22. Reflection. Mine.
23. Resting (yep, fake again, hehe)
24. Race cars
25. Running wild!  We got our energy out by walking and sometimes running to the apartment playground.

~ by JenEvangelista on September 6, 2010.

One Response to “R is Rad, Dude”

  1. This time I was glad for the typed list below because I couldn’t figure out some of the pictures. Our raisins come in a red box, and rapid strep is something I don’t come across frequently. If the kids aren’t great readers and clever individuals, it won’t be for lack of effort! This is such a great project.

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