My Baby is Three

The Baby.  The Littlest One.  The Bitty Thing.  Any way you put it, my youngest child turned Three!  I can hardly believe it has been that long since he made his arrival into the world to join this already crazy family.  I’m not sure that I ever saw myself as the mother of four children, but I do know that I now could not imagine it any other way.

Abraham completes this family in a way I never imagined.  He is smart and cute and so pleasant.  He was my most enjoyable pregnancy, our “easiest” baby, most low maintenance toddler and is so far proving to be a joy beyond measure in this next big boy stage.  I can see bits and pieces of each of his siblings in his personality and appearance and I love that they adore him.  He is best friends with Arabella, and a male ally for the boys.  He is the last puzzle piece in my heart and I could not love him more.

Happy Birthday, Abe.



~ by JenEvangelista on October 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “My Baby is Three”

  1. Great pictures of everyone, especially the birthday boy. That 1st picture is absolutely precious! What a handsome guy! It’s rather obvious that he takes after his two grandpas. Ha Ha

    Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

  2. Happy birthday to the young one! Oh, to be 3 again!

  3. Wow, he is growing up WAY too fast!! He is soooo handsome!!

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