Christmas Eve Recap

  • Groggy family wakening from sweet dreams of Christmas Eve Eve spent with my family eating steaks, opening too many gifts (psst…I’m not complaining), and enjoying one another.

  • Living room furniture moved against the walls to give Santa more room to work tonight.
  • Toys everywhere – new one thanks to Nena & G-Pop, old ones ready to give away (I know I’m late).
  • Four children in a Nerf War… 1 in PJs and a wet diaper, one in Jeans and an undershirt, one in gym shorts only, and one in a Princess Dress (holding a gun in one hand and a barbie in the other).

  • Mommy (also in PJs) trying in vain to clean up and taking a break to share this with you all while avoiding styrofoam bullets.  I also drank coffee all day.  YAY for coffee.

  • Marco’s Pizza – ordered after I discovered that the kids had cleaned out our lunch stash while out from school this week.  Yikes!

  • Sugar Cookies… remade.  The cute, hand rolled cookies cut in Christmas shapes prepared a few days ago are long gone.  Santa was NOT going without at the Evangelista house, so Hello Slice ‘n Bakes!

  • Laughter (at the moment) from little ones and a full heart owned by me.
  • CrossPointe Church to celebrate the reason for this Holiday.  The birth of our Savior.

  • After the beautiful candlelight service that my children managed to get through without setting anything on fire *whew*, we did the Cookies & Milk for Santa thing, the obligatory photo, and the Gotta-Get-To-Bed Dance.

  • I just love Christmas.

~ by JenEvangelista on December 26, 2010.

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