Merry Christmas Day

Christmas Day!  My favorite day of the year.  Yay!

First of all, I will start by saying that I fully realize how blessed I am.  I also realize how unworthy I am of these blessings.  I give God all of the Glory for allowing me the simple pleasure of relishing in my family on this celebration of his son’s birth.  The bigger picture of this holiday is not lost on me, and the joy of it fills my heart with gratitude for my salvation and my life.

In case you were wondering, Santa did manage to find us at our new home this year.  The kids were relieved.  I just love the magic in their eyes as they go to bed with visions of the morning dancing in their heads and wake to the wonder that it is all tangible.  I really, really love it.

After the flurry of the morning was complete, the festivities at Monni-Moo’s house began.  My family means so very much to me and the fact that my children have the opportunity to spend time with their extended family on these special days is a blessing.  I do, however, wish that Brad’s family lived closer.  We miss them terribly on Christmas but were able to enjoy some awesome time with Grandpa and Grandy when they visited earlier this month.

Anyway, at my beautiful grandmother’s house, we ate and chatted and enjoyed lovely dinner conversation with my cousin’s 7 year old son, Davis. We opened more gifts and some of us even napped.  It was a lovely time.

The rest of the day was even more magical, at least for mommy.  Very little fighting, preoccupation with new toys, and special family time.  We played new board games and ignored the dreadful mess in the house.

And how could we end a perfectly wonderful day?  With SNOW!  For the 1st time in over 120 years!  Now, I will admit that it was after dark, only fell for about 40 minutes and was washed away quickly by the rain that followed it.  But still,  White Christmas Night!  I’ll take it.

Joseph said it best… “This is officially the best Christmas ever”.

~ by JenEvangelista on December 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Merry Christmas Day”

  1. Yes, you are indeed blessed but your daddy and I feel the same way about YOU! You are such a wonderful daughter and we love and appreciate you more than we could ever express. That goes for Brad, Joseph, Jacob, Arabella and Abraham as well. God has been so faithful to us!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. And for the first time I’m seeing Bella not as a baby girl but as a young lady. Your kids are growing up. Thanks for sharing. Great family.

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