Let’s Talk T

So, remember back in February and March 2010 when the kids and I did a “Letter a Day” project? Well… I know you have not been able to sleep at night since our alphabet was never completed on this blog.  So, instead of Unisom tonight, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the remaining few, but critical letters are forthcoming!

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex – the coolest of all dinosaurs.
2. Trolley – Downtown Columbus.
3. Telephone – This on was at my office, not my home.
4. Tea party – I’m sure that Abe instigated this, don’t you think?
5. Transformer – Yet anothert totally awesome Toy beginning with this Terrific letter.
6. Temptation – This is the Ice Cream freezer! (I’m not telling if I gave in… mainly because I can’t remember)
7. Trains & Tracks – Thomas, in fact 🙂
8. Tank – A big one in our waiting room.
9. Tasha (Backyardigan)
10. Ten
11. Tongue blades
12. Tinkerbell
13. Teddy bear
14. Tortillas (handmade) – not by me, sadly.  Made by Martha.
15. Time cards – I suppose it’s obvious I worked on this day, huh?
16. Ticklish
17. T-shirts
18. Tree Trunk
19. Toast
20. Tractor – just a random one on th side of the road.
21. Tiger
22. Thorns
23. Triceratops – wow, 2 dinos in one day!
24. Treasure Hunter – a stretch, perhaps?
25. Thumbs Up – The alphabet. must. end. soon.

Photos taken March 9, 2010

~ by JenEvangelista on January 5, 2011.

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  1. You did such an awesome job with this!!

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