My Compassionate Children

A few evenings ago I was not feeling well.  I am sad to say that it was most likely because I had chosen to fill my belly with junk food all stinkin’ day, deciding in the moment that Flaming Hot Cheetos would be better than an Apple.  Ugg…

Regardless, it took it’s toll and at precisely the same time we were beginning the evening Bedtime Battle, the nausea hit me.

Jacob is just the sweetest kid!  He came to me realizing that my stillness on the couch was an attempt to keep from losing my lunch (and unhealthy snacks).  He first offered to bring me a towel, as that is our vomit-catching vehicle of choice.  Why don’t any of my kids have the ability to actually make it to a bathroom to throw up?  Anyway, I digress…

Then he got me a Maalox and glass of water out of the kitchen.  He knows exactly where they are because these are the Magic Pills that make most Tummy Aches better in our home.  Then he hugged me.  I’m not sure if it was the chew pills or the love, but something made me feel a bit better.

I felt well enough, in fact, to stop ignoring the high pitched screams coming from Abe’s room as he demanded round three (or was it four) of his bedtime ritual.  I did indeed rock him (again) but told him I didn’t feel well so I couldn’t stay long.

He nervously kept looking back to me as we gently rocked, then finally verbalized his concern…

“Mommy, if you throw up, please close your mouth so it won’t come out on me”

Ah, the compassion abounds!

~ by JenEvangelista on April 25, 2011.

One Response to “My Compassionate Children”

  1. Jennifer, I have never used Maalox, I might be getting some at the store soon. It sounds like a secret weapon.


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