The Vastness of V

1. Vision (use your imagination)   2. Velociraptor   3. Vegetables (notice they are not in my refrigerator)    4. Volume   5. Vial of blood   6. Vest, just like Daddy.   7. Valentine   8. Vowels   9. Vulcan greeting.  Did I just give something away?   10. Vanilla   11. Video camera   12. Villian (Megatron)   13. Violin, in the hands of a master: Sara Beth   14. Varicella, vaccine not the actual in vivo virus  15. Vito’s Hot Dogs   16. Vertebrae .  They are encased by Abe’s cute little body, but still…  17. Vittles (leftover day)   18. Vein   19. Van   20. Velcro   21. Veg-all   22. Video game   23. Vaccines   24. Vaseline, modeled by Bella   25. Veracious Reader

Photos taken March 11, 2010

~ by JenEvangelista on March 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Vastness of V”

  1. You did such an amazing job with these!!

  2. I love coming and seeing all your Letter pictures. What a great job getting so many pics for each letter.

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