New York, New York

Brad and Joseph went on a Father/Son trip this past week in honor of Joseph’s 10th birthday.  I’m gathering that this is an important birthday – double digits and all – so Brad plans to do something special for each of the boys at this birthday, which I think is awesome!   Thankfully, we have one daughther, so I get a vacation, too in a few years 🙂 . Anyway, for this first coming of age getaway, they went to one of mine and Brad’s favorite places to visit – New York City.  And they had a great time.  I got nightly updates from Joe …

and their activities were well documented on film (or rather, memory card). 

I sent Brad with my Cannon and 1800 available pics knowing that he might actually take 10 or so.  Apparently, Joseph got my shutterbug gene instead of his father’s and took immediate control of the camera.  Upon their return (at 10:30 saturday night), we scrolled through the 1200 – yes I said Twelve Hundred – photos taken during their adventures.  These pics primarily consisted of animals from the Bronx zoo..


 and exhibits from the Museum of Natural History. 

EVERY exhibit from the Museum of Natural History. 

Notice the Photographer's Reflection

Notice the Reflection

EVERY detail of every exhibit from the Museum of Natural History (I love this!). 

Among the 1200 photos taken, there were 31 that featured Joseph, properly documenting their activities.


 And there were exactly ZERO pictures of Brad.  Actually, to be fair, there was one shot that included Brad’s reflection,

Look closely on the left

Look closely on the left

so I feel a bit more confident that Joseph was not completely unsupervised in the Big Apple 🙂 .  No great father & son memories were documented except in the minds of father and son, and I am quite sure that they will never need more. 

I’m thrilled that they had this opportunity together, I’m proud of my son and I’m glad to have them both home.

~ by JenEvangelista on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “New York, New York”

  1. Jen, I love your blogs. Getting to see the pictures immediately along with the stories is just so sweet. Joseph seems to have really enjoyed his time in New York, but probably just as much the time alone with his dad. I notice there aren’t any pics from the Subway, which Brad said he was fascinated with. The animal ones are so good. I guess if you take 1200 pics, the percentages are in your favor to get some good ones!

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