On October 31st you could find …


A febrile Winnie The Pooh who was adorable despite his illness and made every attempt to stay on his feet,


with little success.

On October 31st you could find ….

A barbie princess named Liana, whose mother combed Barnes & Nobles on October 30th looking for a book featuring said princess as her school only allowed its students to dress up as “Storybook” characters, preferably with book in hand. Fortunately, the far-reaching arms of Mattell did not stop with Barbie toys and movies, but indeed did produce literary works featuring the doll.  Yeah, mom!  Lucky Liana!

On October 31st you could find ….


A Star Wars Clone who preferred the tree in Monni-Moo’s front yard to the ground and was always ready to pose for a picture.

On October 31st you could find ….

A young man who stated that “costumes are stupid” on October 30th and then regretted his choice against one on the 31st.  A young man who was eventually content to help with the Pooh Holding Project and pose for his mother’s ever-ready camera.

On October 31st you could find ….

Cousins who gathered at Monni-Moo’s house before the evening festivities to show off costumes and play – an annual tradition. 

A Nena who was fortunate enough to get one picture of herself with her 4 grandchildren, even if it is not a photographic masterpiece.

A Monni-Moo who spent her first Halloween without Pop and who was once again, a blessing to us all.

On October 31st you could find ….

Trick or Treating in the neighborhood and candy that will most likely be thrown away shortly.

And finally, on October 31st you could find ….

My family, the people in this world I love the most and the reason I even acknowledge this day.


~ by JenEvangelista on November 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “On October 31st you could find …”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! It made me sad and happy all at the same time. The kids all look great! Miss ya’ll… We’ll see you in a few weeks! Love, Allyson

  2. Great costumes!

  3. Jen, you are have four kids and manage to get Halloween posted in a timely manner! I have no kids at home and manage to respond seven days after Halloween….
    I can’t decide whether I love the blog pictures or your narrations better. Both are fabulous. I was glad to see “Liana” spelled, because I was way off in comprehension based on Arabella’s pronunciation. I remember being there at Monni-Moo’s last year for Halloween and miss having been there this year. Everyone looks very excited and happy. Just what Halloween should be.

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