Didn’t want to leave you hanging

We did make it to Santa!  

Arabella was shy at first….


then warmed up after some tickles from the Jolly Guy.  


Abe was scared to death and screamed bloody murder for the 30 seconds it took to snap a picture.  


Mommy was happy that the attempt was successful this time.  

img_4377_2       img_4381_2

Nena and Monnie-Moo were on hand to help out.  


And we had the added bonus of an audience – our good friends Dennis, Sue & Susanna Lacy joined us for lunch, spoiled the kids with gifts, then shared the Santa experience with us.


The kids were worn out!

img_4396  img_4394

Life Is Good!

~ by JenEvangelista on December 20, 2008.

One Response to “Didn’t want to leave you hanging”

  1. I get busy with Christmas and don’t check my email/your blog for a couple of days, and wham, I get a wonderful batch of Christmas in Georgia! Good ol’ Santa; I’m glad the actual visit turned out well. Love the pictures, and the big kiss Abe is giving you. I can hardly wait for mine!

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