We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!


I love this picture of the boys.  Not because it is any good, but because it speaks volumes about the stage of life they are in.  I wanted to get a quick pic as they were leaving for school on “College Spirit” day, which was primarily just a good excuse to wear jeans.  Joseph has declared himself an Auburn fan (not a good year for that, my son) and Jacob has followed in my footsteps and decided to root for the Gators (great year for that!).  Anyway, I was originally going to tell that story.

Another story emerged from this photo, however – the distain my boys now have when I attempt to do anything that inconveniences them in any way.  I mean, heaven forbid I actually delay their journey to school by making them pause in the doorway and smile for the camera!  What was I thinking?

Also, their distaste for having photos taken in general comes through loud and clear.  While Arabella is still in the “look and me and don’t forget your camera” stage, and Abe is in the “you can take the picture if you can catch me” stage, Joe and Jake are still firmly in the “moooommm, this is embarrasing me & I simply don’t have time for this” stage.

The joys of childhood 🙂 .

~ by JenEvangelista on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!”

  1. Four is fun because you have children in multiple stages. There may be a gender component, too. Erin and Clarissa have never gotten to the stage of not wanting their pictures taken. Rather, they patiently pose with big smiles, and always have. I will be interested to see how Arabella develops. Brad and Todd were willing, but more like Abe, fleeting.

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