The Dress


On day #2, in the Magic Kingdom, Arabella spotted the cutes dress ever!  She really wanted it and I really wanted her to have it.  So, her “treat” for the day was an overpriced, but worthy Minnie Mouse dress (complete with shoes).  She looked absolutely adorable for the next 48 hours wearing it 🙂 and received lots of ohhs and ahhs from passers-by.


And Minnie was appropriately impressed when she was introduced to her “mini me”

bella-minnie  bella-minnie4

~ by JenEvangelista on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “The Dress”

  1. Absolutely worth the cost!!! So glad we took the pics of Bella with Minnie and you didn’t have to pay $$$$ for them. Cute, cute, cute!!!

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