Big Boy Disney Stuff

Lest you think our Disney adventure consisted only of Minnie Mouse hugs and princess dining, I wanted to share a few adventures the boys were able to experience.  It’s interesting going to Disney World with four children ages 10 years to 14 months because as you might imagine, their interests are somewhat different.  Fortunately, we had enough “grown-ups” and enough of a plan each day to hit most of the high points giving each child a wonderful experience.

Now, I was personally quite torn because I wanted to do it ALL!  I love watching the little ones with gaping smiles on the carousel and I love hearing Joe and Jake coming off a stomach turning coaster breathing “Wow, that was awesome”.  Although I didn’t get to do it all, because there is quite obviously only one of me, I did get to do enough to experience the magic of Disney with each of my children – primarily thanks to Grandpa and Grandy who were willing pawns in my Disney chess game, taking Abraham back to the hotel every afternoon for a nap.

What were some favorites?  Well, Joseph’s favorite ride was Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom.  It was the 1st ride we tackled on the 1st day of the trip and was really fun.  Thanks to an 800 page “How to do Disney” book that I religiously read over the weeks leading up to the trip, we literally ran there after the opening of the park and were able to breeze through the line – twice!  What a great ride!  Up and down, light and dark, forwards and backwards, fast and faster.  


Jacob’s favorite was the Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios.  It was a blast as well, jerking and turning, inverting and twisting us around to the point of nausea and a headache (at least for me).  Brad and I were both able to do that coaster with the boys while Arabella visited Mickey & the Gang with Grandpa and Grandy.  We split the other big kids rides between us, using the ever-useful fastpasses that we accumulated strategically during the day.  


I, personally, loved the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, laughing and screaming like a middle school girl the whole time, immersed in the joy of watching the boys get a bit nervous then beam with enjoyment.  Plus that, the ride was gut-droppingly fun.  Grandy even joined us for that one!  Go, Grandy!  Grandpa spent some quality time with Bella and Abe during this particular adventure, abbreviated fortunately due to the heeding of the proven “book” advice to get to the park early and scoot to that ride first.  So Fun!

disney-tower  gp2

The boys also enjoyed Space Mountain, Mission Space, Primeval Whirl, Test Track, Soarin’, and Splash Mountain among other fast moving, purely Disney attractions.  They had a great trip filled with enough excitement and childhood memories to last for a while.


~ by JenEvangelista on March 13, 2009.

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