The Meaning of the Masters for Me

The Masters Tournament is quite obviously a huge deal for a lot of people.  Even those who are not particularly into Golf are “into” the Masters – at least in these parts.  In fact, Brad and Joseph were fortunate enough to be given tickets from some dear friends and are there today.  I have no doubt that they will have a fantastic time.  

For me, however, I cannot reflect on this time of year, and this event in particular without it being just a little bittersweet.  You see, my Pop loved Golf – I mean, it was a true passion of his and he played every chance he got. And he loved the Masters Tournament.  One of the highlights of his adult life was experiencing it first hand several years ago.  Last year, Brad and I were invited by wonderful friends to this impressive outing for the first time and were very much looking forward to seeing the grandeur for ourselves.  Then, on this day last year, my Pop went to be with Jesus.  I never made it to Augusta and will never see the Masters in quite the same light again.  A man that I loved so much came to the end of the beautiful journey of his earthly life and we celebrated that life while so many were celebrating a game that he loved so dearly.  He is now enjoying greens more awesome than any groundskeeper on this Earth could envision, and fellowship with friends more sweet than any foursome could ever imagine.  

And I miss him.

I pulled out the program from his funeral service last night and was again reminded about where he is when I read the lyrics from the song that was played that day.  This year has been nothing more than a moment to him.  Monni-Moo has carried on like the gracious woman that she is, but I know she misses him more than any words on this page could express.  Tomorrow is her day, by the way – Monni-Moo’s birthday.  A day that will always follow the day she said good-bye, temporarily, to the man we all love.

For Pop, today I recall his gentle spirit, his love for family and his heart for God and I am so thankful that amist the sadness this week brings, there is also joy.  Joy because he was released to walk for all of eternity with his Master this day in 2008, and his Master is so much more than the name of a spectacular event, but in fact is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   I can rejoice because my Pop is in the Haven of Rest.


~ by JenEvangelista on April 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Meaning of the Masters for Me”

  1. Ole’ Pop!!! Awesome post! Well-written….I’m in tears as I head out for Davis’ Easter egg hunt! See you tomorrow.

  2. I went to a funeral today and afterwards drove to Pop’s “spot” at Park Hill to tell him that I love and miss him. It was a beautiful day just as it was a year ago when he left this home for his heavenly home. The sun was warm on my face as was the tears running down my cheeks. I could almost hear him say, “don’t cry baby, it’s gonna be okay”. It will indeed be okay one day when we see him again. Thanks for the beautiful post. I love you. Mom

  3. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. What a wonderful tribute to Pop! I just kept thinking yesterday of the “anniversary” party that he must have been having in heaven!

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