A quiet moment in the midst of mayhem

Last night, the usual chaos engulfed our house.  I came home too late from work to feed anyone a proper dinner, requiring them to basically fend for themselves with the help of their sweet father.  Abraham and Arabella were yelling and demanding multiple things of me, including more food.  Joseph needed my help doing a class project that he had procrastinated starting.  And Brad had to run out because the alarm was going off at the church office, then was gone a while because he kindly ran the dreaded grocery store errand to get the necessary frozen waffles and milk.  In the middle of this, Jacob quietly came to me and spoke these words… “Mommy, can we just sit by ourselves and talk about life for a little while?”

So what does a harried mother do with this?  Multiple thoughts entered my mind including all of the reasons “sitting and talking” were not on my evening agenda.  In the end, however, I sat with Jake on the front steps, ignoring everything but the most intense blood-curdling screams and we discussed a little bit of life.  Actually we discussed Dinosaurs, but for an 8 year old, that was close enough.

Those are the moments I will always treasure.  Thank you, Jacob.

090609_NorthCarolina Trip_1945


~ by JenEvangelista on September 30, 2009.

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