Happy Birthday, Abraham

I mentioned in my last post that my baby is officially walking.  Today I can say he is one year old!  It tugs my heart strings a bit to see him growing so fast.  Then that same heart skips a few beats as I look at Arabella with her long legs & growing vocabulary, Jacob with his sturdy build & tender heart and Joseph with his tall stature & new found maturity.  I can certainly keep Abe in the “baby” category for a little while longer, but I know I will blink and he’ll be a big boy; another blink and I’ll see a young man.   I realize that time does indeed keep moving, leaving me in a swirl of chaos as I deal with the now and memories as I recall the past.  

I remember getting up at 4:00am to go to the hospital exactly one year ago.  I remember the powerful emotion that overwhelmed my heart the moment that sweet boy was born. 


I remember the look on a father’s face, the catch in a father’s voice, the high-pitched, beautiful cry of a baby boy.  I remember the flood of relief and joy and love that filled the room.  I will very likely forget many details of that day, but I will never forget those emotions.  I will always be overwhelmed with love for our perfect blessing, our Abraham.

~ by JenEvangelista on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Abraham”

  1. Happy First Birthday to our sweet Abraham.

    What a charmer you have turned out to be! I’ve heard some people say you look like your brothers others say you look like your G.Pop but to me you look just like an angel sent from heaven.

    I thank the Lord for sharing you with us. You have been a perfect addition to the Evangelista family. We ALL love you.

    Love and kisses from your “Nena”

  2. Thank you, Nena – I’ll relay the message.

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